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Our goal at Finished Basements is to please you the customer the best way that we know how too. How do we achieve this? We achieve this by talking with you on a daily basis and making sure that you understand everything that we will be doing to your home, after all, it is your home.

I start by explaining the framing first, how it is done and that the studs in the walls are 16" center to center. This way you have the best type of wall that is normally used in new residential construction. With the studs 16" on center the insulation fits perfectly between the studs giving them an R-13 insulated value.

Next, we will go over the electrical fittings and where the plugs and lighting will be located. We use a lot of canned recessed lights on all of your jobs giving your home the perfect lighting ambience.

The next thing we will discuss is the door locations and what is needed for furnace and water heater access, as well as any storage areas.

We also have to access your electrical panel and the water shut off valve, these need to have doors as well.

Finally, there is the sump pump area which we will build a corner shelf for a TV or use a regular door for full access. We also offer a back up sump pump that runs on water pressure from your water lines and not on a battery back up.

If given the opportunity I can promise you won't be disappointed.

Please feel free to browse through our many testimonials located here on our website.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me personally!

Thank You,

Todd Seeds, (Owner)

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We met Todd and Brian at the Columbus Home Improvement Show. From the very start they were very informative and never pushy. We had delayed our basement remodel mainly because we could not figure out where the best place was to put rooms and other options. When we had an idea we called Todd. He came out and Told us what to put where and why. It made perfect sense! He literally measured right then, went upstairs and offered us a very reasonable price. We made a couple of upgrades here and there and it was no problem. We have a custom built home and they matched the basement to the upper floors perfectly. We recommend Finished Basements Plus without hesitation.

Steve & Rose

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