General Construction Services

General Construction Services Galena, OH

We at Finished Basements Plus are a leading company in this industry and offer high grade residential remodeling solutions to clients in and around Galena, OH. We have over 25 years of experience in this space and can assure you of customized services at pricing that will pleasantly surprise you. As a company that takes its business very seriously, we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients get nothing but the best solutions.

Finished Basements

Basement refinishing is one of the most important aspects of turning a bare and stark area into a stunning basement. Today, homeowners like to use this area for various purposes. Regardless of what you are going to use the basement for, finishing it is important to ensure that you have a moisture-proof, comfortable and clean space to install all the features that you want. We are the basement finishing specialists that help create usable and functional basements which can prove to be a very good return on investment for you. We use high quality materials and workmanship and plan every aspect of the basement refinishing project perfectly. Read More About Finished Basements >>

Western Basements

Western-themed basements are on trend and many people like the idea of getting their basement area designed in an "Old West" style. We have the skills and ability to design western basements exactly as you want them to be. We use very classic elements and features to create this aesthetic and focus on ensuring that the space is comfortable, practical and welcoming all at once. We make use of material such as distressed wood, hardwood, and leather etc. to design features and furniture that exude a western feel. Our superior craftsmanship and use of the best quality materials help ensure that your basement is stunning in every way. Read More About Western Basements >>